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Media Appearances


WPTF News Radio (Feburary 10, 2015). Guest discussing journalism ethics and the Brian Williams case.


Time Warner Cable News (July 15, 2014). Guest discussing social media use.


Time Warner Cable News (March 6, 2014). Guest discussing social media use.


“Preparing Students for the Labor Force” (December 15, 2013). Diverse Education. Interview.


WPTF News Radio (August 15, 2013). Guest discussing research on journalism job skills.


“How the class of 2013 can set itself apart in today’s labor market” (July 31, 2013). Nerd Wallet. Interview.


News 14 Carolina (July 8, 2013). Guest discussing preparing students for the workforce.


“Novelty Gone, Couric’s Losing viewers at CBS” (October 27, 2006). Richmond Times Dispatch. Interview.


Other appearances:


Scripps Howard/AEJMC Social Media Externship experience video. (July 2014).


NC Department of Transportation "Triangle Expressway" commercial (December 2013).

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